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Capture data from handwritten forms and surveys

The documents you're working with contain handwriting and checkmarks. They're messy.

And that's exactly where other tools fall short.

You need a tool that is built for a data entry team. A tool that enables them to work in parallel.

Turn this...
a bunch of survey responses
...into a .csv file
1a1b1c ...id
x ...578914289
x ...718863501
I'm a professional ...456789132

In Essence, What Does CaptureKit Do?

  1. 1. It runs OCR on your scans
  2. 2. It automatically extracts machine readable text
  3. 3. It automatically recognizes marked checkboxes
  4. 4. It lets your data typists capture handwriting and verify correctness
  5. 5. After processing your documents, you get a CSV file

What Customers Say

“Our customers expect reliable and timely results. Especially with the huge fluctuations in the amounts we process, we had a hard time keeping our deadlines. With CaptureKit that’s a thing of the past, as we continue to increase the level of automation.”
Stefan Schröter, CEO
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Stefan Schröter, CEO

Simple Pricing


per document
  • No subscription
  • Unlimited users


per page
if you need
OCRThis will recognize machine readable text, so you can automatically capture it, or copy-paste it from the scan into your form.

This is NOT required to recognize marked checkboxes. Checkbox recognition is included in the per document pricing.
and barcode recognition


Please get in touch to discuss your projects, so we can find a pricing structure that works for you. Get In Touch

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To start using CaptureKit, please get in touch with me. I will personally onboard you, so you can hit the ground running.

One last thing: If you don't see results with CaptureKit in the first two months, you'll get your money back in full. Guaranteed.