What if capturing data from scans and images wasn't so time consuming?

Upload questionnaires, invoices and whatever else you're working with. Then extract the data you need—account numbers, names, addresses, checked boxes and handwritten answers. Either fully or partially automatic.

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Automatic Extraction

Marked boxes and machine readable text can be extracted before you even open the document for validation. Other documents are so uniform, you could even run CaptureKit on autopilot.

No Setup Needed

CaptureKit is hosted in the cloud. No installations, no compatibility issues. It just works.

Manual Post-Processing

Free text answers, warped scans or X's everywhere but inside the squares. When technology reaches its limits, we need to step in.
CaptureKit was built for this. Open up the document, select the element in question and just type away.


ID's, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and whatnot.
We keep all your data in a highly secure data center in Germany with all traffic being sent over secure connections.
Oh, GDPR you say? Yep, we have that covered too.


Is your temp really as quick as they claim? Hard to tell without seeing numbers. With CaptureKit you certainly wont have to take their word for it.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Certainly not the exception—either your customers, or your internal departments need the data as quickly as humanly possible. Ideally yesterday.
With the help of CaptureKit, documents can be processed in parallel, without stepping on anybody's toes.

What customers say about us

As a scan service provider our customers expect reliable and timely results. Especially with the huge fluctuations in the amounts we process we had a hard time keeping our deadlines. With CaptureKit that’s a thing of the past, as we continue to increase the level of automation in our data capture service.

Stefan Schröter, CEO

ODS-Office Data Service GmbH, Berlin

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If you think CaptureKit could help you or your team bridging the gap between your paper documents and your digital workflow, simply get in touch.

If you'd rather not get your hands dirty, we also have a full service offering. You just tell us what data you need and we'll get back to you with a CSV file.

How can we reach you?

We use Mailchimp to manage your contact information. If you feel uncomfortable with that, just drop us a mail.